The Well 2020 Pastor’s Letter

Dear Cornerstone Family,

Welcome to The Well 2020! This is certainly not how any of us envisioned our congregational retreat would be when we began planning it at the beginning of the year. And yet I am still so thankful to the Lord for what we can share this weekend for even this is a blessing and gift from him. I am also grateful for your participation in this retreat and the desire to come alongside other thirsty, weary saints and drink of the Living Water.

The truth is, who of us is not tired, beaten and broken like the Samaritan woman from John 4? Who of us doesn’t need to encounter Jesus and receive what he freely offers to us? Now more than ever, we need Jesus. We need his healing in our lives and in our world from all of the division that is befalling the country and even the Church. We need his comfort when disease and viruses run rampant and claim the lives of many and paralyze the rest of us in fear. We need his compassion to see the hurt and suffering of those around us. We need his wisdom to move forward in any helpful way that upholds peace, love, unity, and humility. We need Jesus and we need a whole lot of him. My hope is that you will meet Jesus and rest in him at The Well.

Please receive this care package (thanks to Christina, Helen and Sumi for their work!) and welcome letter in love. I miss you all dearly as I know you all miss one another. It’s because we have biblical community among one another that it hurts and saddens us not to be able to meet together. I look forward to our in-person worship soon and pray when we meet again, we will rejoice together in Christ.

I want to end with four encouragements to our church family:

  1. If you feel safe and comfortable participating in The Well with a friend or another family, please make plans to do so and do it responsibly!
  2. Don’t miss out on the discussion groups through Zoom. I know we are all Zoomed out but our retreat is meant to be about community fostering and in the small way we can pursue this, let’s make an intentional effort.
  3. Let’s all participate in Saturday’s photo scavenger hunt and in this way, pursue fellowship together. Not only will we pick a winner, but we’ll show the results to the church!
  4. Pray for the retreat, Pastor Walton, Edmund, for one another and for yourself!

Be blessed this weekend in the refreshing grace of our good, good Savior!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Andrew

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