CG Discussion Questions

  1. Summarize the main point/take home message of the sermon. If it was clearly stated, what was it? If it wasn’t, try to simplify it to one sentence.
  2. Share something from the sermon/passage that was convicting or clarifying for you. What difference does hearing and having this insight make in your life (try to be as concrete at possible)?  
  3. The Word of God is ultimately about Jesus and thus preaching the Word should be about Jesus. How did this sermon help you understand, appreciate, or worship Jesus more? In what ways has the gospel become more alive to you having read this passage and heard this sermon? 
  4. Share how the Spirit of God might use this sermon and Scripture passage to prompt you toward prayer. What might you ask more to believe, change you might ask to take place in your heart, encouragement you might need to receive? 


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