grace in Bulgaria. Grace Chung


  • Grace was born in Korea and immigrated to Pennsylvania as a child.
  • As a pastor’s wife, Grace directed Sunday school and ran special programs for special needs children at her home church in Yuong Sang Church.
  • Mother of two daughters, Miran and Liz.
  • Trained as an occupational therapist and now uses her training in her mission field to help people find dignity in life.
  • After the death of her husband, Grace found the strength to continue with her calling into the mission field abroad, which would take her away from her family and friends.
  • Grace has served in Plovdiv, Bulgaria since 2017.
  • She is part of the church-revitalizing team in post-communist, free Bulgaria.
  • Local churches are supported through teaching, preaching, discipleship, and community mercy outreach.
  • Grace enters the disability community, partnering with the local churches and nationals to be a tangible evidence of Christ’s love.

PRAY for Grace

  • Her church in Plovdiv, Bulgaria–First Evangelical Church of Plovdiv–and the church plant in West Plovdiv.
  • The transformation and reconciliation to God for the lost and the hurting of Plovdiv.
  • That she will continue to stay connected to the community during Covid19 social distancing.
  • She needs creative ways to stay connected with the children in the orphanage.
  • That God will continue to use her mightily for the advancement of His Kingdom in Bulgaria.
  • God will guard her from loneliness– esp. due to the isolation that is forced upon her during this pandemic.
  • That peace of God will protect her and comfort her and strengthen her every day.

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