Covenantal Worship: Encouragements for Parents

By Reverend Andrew Kim

This past Sunday we looked at what the Bible has to say about covenantal worship.   You can listen to the sermon here ( or here (  

I wanted to follow up and offer four encouragements for parents and four encouragements for the church.  This will be a two part series.  The first will be address the parents and the second will address the church.  

Encouragements for Parents

First, know that covenantal worship is worth it.  Yes it’s difficult and it’ll take you out of your comfort zone but it’s worth it because God has given us the vision for it.  Take great comfort.  This also means he will give you the strength to do it and the fruit that will come out of it.  He who calls you to this task will supply everything you need as well.  

Second, there is something nobody can teach your children but you.  That’s communicating your own love for the Lord and the joy you have in gathering with God’s people as they see you worshiping week after week.  No children’s sermon can replace the invaluable lesson in seeing you do this every Sunday from their earliest memory until they leave the home.  Your actions teach just as powerfully as your words.  

Third, it is never too late to take on the role of spiritual discipler for your children.  It is embedded into your calling as their parents.  You may feel so behind, ill-equipped, and simply clueless where to start.  But remember that there are so many resources that are available for you.  We will have many of these listed on our website and on our resource table in the new building.  I also often include links to articles about parenting and spiritual leading in the home in the weekly pastoral letter so make sure you look through them.  

Fourth, there will still be bible studies for your children!  Just because we’re pursuing covenantal worship doesn’t mean we won’t offer anything for the children of the church.  There will still be Sunday school in the mornings before service at 9:30am.  If you really are concerned and convinced that your child needs some kind of age-appropriate lesson, we will continue in the Gospel Project curriculum which surveys the whole Bible, Genesis to Revelation in 3 years.  

At the end of the day, you are not alone in this task.  Although it is your primary responsibility to disciple and teach your children, God has placed you in a community called the Church where there is always help available.  But the greatest encouragement is this: God expects you to teach your children his Word and his gospel but God doesn’t expect you to change their hearts.  Only he can do that and he will be faithful to his promise.  


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