Proverbs: Wisdom Reflection/Discussion Questions

Please use the following questions to aid in your own personal meditation on wisdom in Proverbs as well as for your group discussion. 

You can find the sermon on our YouTube page:

Remember that as a group you do not have to cover all of these questions. Set a time limit and stick with it! And please don’t sacrifice time for sharing prayer requests and praying for one another.

Personal Reflection/Group Discussion Questions:

  • Introduce yourselves if you do not all know each other.
  • Have you read the book of Proverbs before? Do you have a favorite verse or passage in it? Share if you’d like. What is your impression of the book? What draws you to the book or keeps you away from it? 
  • How would you define wisdom in your own words? Describe the difference between worldly wisdom and biblical wisdom as you understand. Do those two approaches to wisdom practically affect things? 
  • Can you describe a time you received godly, wise counsel from a person? Were there consequences? How about foolish counsel from a person? Were there consequences?
  • Do you feel like you’ve grown in wisdom the past year? The past five years? If so, what do you think the contributing factors have been? Can you share examples of growth in wisdom? If you have not grown in wisdom, what do you think the cause is?
  • Which do you struggle with most: prizing wisdom, praying for wisdom or pursuing wisdom?
  • What are some areas you believe you need wisdom in right now? Share openly and honestly.  Are there particular areas you have been unwise/foolish in?
  • Is there anything you’d like to share with this group and ask for their counsel on?
  • What are some specific things you can begin to pray in response to the importance of wisdom? 
  • Make sure to share prayer requests and pray for one another.

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