Wisdom and Words: Discussion/Reflection Questions

Please use the following questions to aid in your own personal meditation on wisdom and words in Proverbs as well as for your group discussion. 

You can find the talk on our YouTube page: https://youtu.be/AQpsGxsnrfo

Remember that as a group you do not have to cover all of these questions. Set a time limit and stick with it! And please don’t sacrifice time for sharing prayer requests and praying for one another.

Personal Reflection/Group Discussion Questions:

1.     What stood out to you most from the teaching?

2.     How have you spoken words that tear down or how have you spoken words that give death? What do your words reveal about your heart? (Ex: The idolatries you are seeking, etc.).

3.     Brainstorm how you would like to speak words that give life in one or all of these circles: family, church, friends, work, community.

4.     If you have time: What is one way that God has spoken words of life into your life? Or is there an area of your life where you feel the need for his life-giving words?

5.     Ask for prayer in an area of your life where you are tempted to speak words that tear down rather than build up. Pray that your heart would be oriented to Christ and that your words would give life.

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