CG Guide (Psalm 51)

“A Blueprint to Gospel Repentance” (Series: Guest Preacher)

Scripture: Psalm 51

Suggested Group Discussion Questions 

  1. Free discussion on the passage/sermon: Did you come to understand anything new or better? Was there anything that was clarified for you, convicted you, confused you, challenged you or comforted you? Share, comment, reflect on any part of Psalm 51 that stood out.
  2. How does your view of sin compare or contrast to the way David views his own sin against God? What do you think it looks like to grow in greater self-awareness of your sinfulness and take ownership over your sin against a holy God? 
  3. Are you conscious of your own sin before God or do you tend to view your sin as mere mistakes that you can learn from without taking moral responsibility? How does this affect your view of the gospel? 
  4. What does it mean to be restored in Christ and what does this result in? Why is it necessary for God to create in us a new heart? What does it look like to have the joy of your salvation restored? 
  5. Doxology: Express how this sermon helps you understand, appreciate and worship Jesus more. In what ways has the gospel become more alive to you having read this passage and heard this sermon? 
  6. Response: Formulate a one sentence prayer that’s informed by the passage and the sermon. This prayer should articulate what you desire to walk away and how you want God to apply it in your life. Have a few people share what they came up with.

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