Sermon Reflection/Discussion Guide (Philippians 4:10-20)

“Fruitful Partnership”

Scripture: Philippians 4:10-20

1. Warm-up question: What are some questions you ask before investing your money? What are some of the red flags you look out for? Can we apply this same method or the same set of questions as we invest in the gospel? 

2. The Philippian church was the ONLY church that invested in the gospel. How can we gauge how we’re doing regarding our investment in the gospel? Is there a measuring stick we can use? 

What about on a personal level? Is there room in your budget to support missionaries? Are you currently supporting missionaries/organizations? Do you feel like it’s a partnership? What is the relationship like?

3. Today’s message emphasized the benefit of investing for heavenly rewards, but what are some of the rewards we can reap now when we invest in the gospel?

4. Paul says he didn’t seek the gift, but he seeks the fruit that increases to your credit. It’s highly doubtful that the Philippian church was proving for Paul because of the rewards waiting for them. The parable in Matthew 25 (the king rewarding his servants) comes to mind when we picture the generosity of the Philippian church. Are rewards necessarily a bad motivator to invest in the gospel? 

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